I am always searching for inexpensive new reads due to the amount of traveling I do. I have a tendency to burn through 3 or 4 books every few days and I grabbed this one on a whim based upon recommendations from another vampire book I purchased.

Blood Harvest was very fast paced and I enjoyed it throughly. The author was able to quantify the vampire existence better than most using existing medical conditions. This is not a book for kids however, if you are looking for happy sparkling vampires…..wrong book. This is gritty, bloody, and a ton of fun.

I recommend highly especially for the low price.” - Hargate

This book is a terrific find for fans of David Morrell, Michael Creighton and James Patterson. Weinberger has created a vampire thriller filled with medical and historical facts manipulated just enought to make a believer out of me. It’s fast paced and fun to read; a vampire book for adventure fans and not for swooning teenage girls. I hope the cliffhanger means there will be more to come.” - jparadise

Thrilling read that combines vampires, aliens, sex and blood into a fast moving and danger ridden ride. Looking forward to the next one.”- Veronica

Excellent first book by Mike and anyone who loves stories about vampires will enjoy this detailed trip into vampires. Anyone who gave a poor review of this book just didn’t get it. No soggy love story here but lots of action couldn’t put it down. Thanks Mike GC” - ecleveland