Reviews 2

OK, the first book was good, but this one is way better, and I am awaiting the third, because it promises to be another degree better than this one. All the typos that were in book one are gone from this effort. The main characters have been fleshed (sorry) out in Madman’s Monster and their goals are clear. It’s sort of a combination junglew fighter and mystery novel, with spy stuff inserted where it is appropriate. I’d by it again. Can’t wait for book three. – HANK

Fun and excitement are the best way to describe what was a wonderful read. Started reading on my trip back east and ended up spending late nights finishing a book I could not seem to put down. Michael Weinberger has become a terrific storyteller. Would recommend this book to anyone who would like to be captivated for hours at a time. – Steve Simmons

I was not expecting much with this book but was pleasantly surprised. It was clever and flowed nicely. Some excellent plot twists and lots of action. Kept me interested the entire way. I would hightly recommend it. - Rand A Walsh