Rasputin’s Prodigy

Rasputin's Prodigy

Rasputin’s Prodigy is the 3rd book of the award winning “The Hidden Amongst Us” series by Michael Weinberger.

“Blood Harvest: Book 1, The Hidden Amongst Us” won a Next Generation Independent Publisher Award for Fiction in 2012.

“Madman’s Monster: Book 2, The Hidden Amongst Us” won the IndieReader.com award for BEST Paranormal book of 2013.

Dimitri Lagos is the leader of the Russian Vampire Collective and has put a plan into motion that would poison half the world and reveal the truth about the existence of vampires among the humans.
Steve Jacobs is a former LAPD Detective and next in line to become the leader of the North American Vampire Collective. His people have been living and thriving secretly within human society for decades.
Now Steve Jacobs has to go to Nazran, a city long considered to be the deadliest in Russia, in order to rescue the love of his life. Although taken by the Russian Vampire Collective in order to keep him from interfering with their plans, Steve knows of Dimitri’s penchant for betrayal and can’t sit still to wait for her safe return.
Instead, along with his usual collection of unusual allies, Steve goes on the offensive only to find himself on a collision course with a mysterious, and extraordinarily capable, stranger with mystical ties to Rasputin and harboring a common interest in bringing down the people that took his love.