Madman’s Monster

Sink Your teeth into the Sequel to the Indie Reader Award winning Book

It has been two years since the sadistic madman, Dr. Phineas Whelan who abducted thousands of innocent people in order to harvest elements of their blood, escaped from the “vampires” who had thwarted his plans. Since then Steve Jacobs, former LAPD detective and “vampire”, has been unsuccessfully searching for him.

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 sitting by candlelight is something I haven’t done in years  and the Luminous glow  momentarily made me nostalgic for a home that I lost decades ago. I smiled as I watched the flicker of the candle’s flame create shadows on the wall  with the only sound in the room being the gentle breaths of the woman, named Lei, as she slept a few feet away from me. I thought about how  much I love her and how beautiful she appeared in sleep as the old familiar  and  unsettling pang of  worry made itself known in my gut. I rolled the pen between my thumb and index finger for a bit as I considered the blank page glancing up at me from the desktop. I closed my eyes and took in a deep breath while searching for the nerve to begin, then I let the  air out in a sigh and committed to write the words you are now reading.

Truth be told, I have felt the compulsion to write down the history of my mind for decades, but what specific simulation it was that woke me from my sleep tonight and motivated me to put pen to paper, I can’t say  it had been a nightmare that woke me, than I have no memory of it, but I did wake to an overwhelming sense of dread that seemed to be coming from every part of my being. So,should the worst happen, I want there to be some record of  who my kind truly are, as opposed to the stories that have chilled mankind. and made them afraid of the dark. It is my deepest desire thatsomeday mankind will understand that my family and I are brethren to humanity and not the predators or demons we have been made out to be.

How did this misconception of who and what we are grow to such grandiose proportions? Fear, specifically of the unknown, is the most likely answer;  however, Let these words I write now reveal only  the truthful and factual accounts, without embellishment.

 First, my name is Steve Jacobs and, by definition, I am a vampire.

Perhaps you who are reading this are understandably skeptical as that revelation. I can’t blame you. after all you’ve been told. all you life that vampires are merely wonderful antagonists created as works of notion that satisfy a guilty pleasure. In all honesty, the vampires you have read about or seen in the movies are exactly that… Fiction.

So let me tell you the three most important facts about myself and what it means to be a “real” vampire…in general terms anyway:

1. As far as I know or can tell we are not demons, fallen angels, aliens or anything else that might be counted as supernatural. What we are, put simply, are human beings born with a particularly rare form of a genetic condition called Porphyria. This condition leaves our bodies incapable of properly making the “Hemo” portion of hemoglobin in our red blood cells. As a result, we who suffer the condition have needed to supplement our own blood with “hemo” from outside sources. As you may have guessed that means without ingesting the blood of others we begin to deteriorate into excruciating pain, madness and death. in the past we have done terrible things to satiate our needs and preserve our lives…you may note that i omitted the word “monsters” from the opening line of this paragraph.

It was an intentional omission as my people have perpetrated horrible Atrocities on mankind in the past and, at times, we more than earned that monstrous reputation.

2. Once we learned how to control our condition, my kind flocked together and invented ways to preserve ourselves without having to assault others. One of the more ingenious ways to accomplish this was to partake of an occupation as a barber surgeon. Bloodletting was one of the most popular healing methods from the middle ages to less than one hundred years ago. This Practice left gallons of blood to be disposed of and allowed for my kind to easily interact with mankind without worry. As long as the ingestion of the drawn blood was done in secret, no one was any the wiser of who and what we were.

Unfortunately, it was a confrontation with the inquisitors of the catholic church in 1528, which led to the discovery of our secret. We have been damned as devils straight out of hell ever since. My people ran for their lives as mankind attacked us with genocide as a goal. We left the cities, towns and cillages to live outside the walls of humanity in secret communities crafted in cave systems and old mining tunnels. Many of my kind are still living hidden and away from humanity even now, but more and more of our young have begun to leave the safety of our “off the grid” communities and live among you.

3. The last thing you need to know about us is that all of the other things you have been taught about us are, for the part, crap. We aren’t the undead, can’t de-materialize, or change forms with that of a bat, wolf or other creature.

We can’t fly. We don’t have fangs. We don’t have superhuman strength or speed. Garlio, holy water, crosses and other mythical items supposedly used to smite or destroy a vampire or pretty useless. If you stab one of us through the heart with a wooden stake, yes would die, not because of being stabbed specifically by a wooden stake, but rather because something was stabbed through our heart.On the other hand, our condition did have one very interesting side effect on us. It turns out that after years of needing to survive on blood od others our bodies evolved as hostile environments to bacteria and viruses. As a result we do not get infections of any kind as the organisms literally die on contact with our blood. Aside from the obvious immediate benefits of this predisposition, the lack of stress on our organs makes my kind enjoy extremely long lives.

We look about half the age we truly are and the reality is that we truly are as physically youthful and vital as we seem to be.There are rare exceptions to the rule as some of us just keep going and going, without aging. This is extremely rare quality and only a handful of us ever decelop this predisposition; however, one such exception would be the founder of my partivular community. His name is Alphonso Diemo, but we all call him “Alpha”, and he is supposed to be nearly six hundred years old. He insists he isn’t immortal and can be killed as easily as any of the rest of us. Although sometimes I have trouble Believng it. To give you an understanding of how rare this trait is, Alpha will quickly point out that the only other person in our community known to posses it was a man named William who, along with his wife Abigail, was killed in the confrontation with the inquisitors back in 1528.

In any case, with those three simple facts revealed it is easy to understand why the world, lead by big religion, categorized my kind as demons. What else could we have been in a world without science? Unfortunately, just as science had become advanced enough to vindicate my people and afford a remedy of our ailment, we were betrayed.