Exercising the Creative Mind

November 26, 2013 at 11:50 pm

creative writingHow I Spend My Sundays (This time while exercising my creativity… just for fun. I’d recommend reading the previous blog entry on the same topic, for reference, prior to reading this one.)

Ah, Sunday. Just saying the word can send a relaxing wave through the body while deep thoughts of the couch, football and fried food or pizza dance like pixies in the landscape of the mind. I do love my Sundays and those aforementioned visions are indeed what burst through my brain like a beer commercial on loop to such an extent that I find myself looking around for the party or BBQ that I am supposed to be attending.

So it is kind of interesting that neither the couch, football nor food is anywhere to be seen in my usual Sunday ritual. No, no, dear friends, things tend to get a little unusual in the Weinberger household on the traditional day of rest.

It all starts out benign enough as I am roused from my sleep by my two glorious little girls. Well saddled with their father’s genetics I find myself lifted bodily by a six and three year old until imminent collision with the floor ensues and my consciousness is revived. I am then escorted to the kitchen where the making of breakfast begins for the two ravenous she-creatures who can only be placated by a proper stack of Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes.

Once the subsequent dismemberment and consumption of the buttermilk figurines has commenced, an intense half hour of the Disney Channel is initiated, which allows me the time to procure my own sustenance before the wife returns.

Eventually the wife returns from her morning exercise, which usually involves tracking, stalking and killing of a bear, which the general population living along the borders of Las Vegas live in constant fear. Thumping down the slaughtered animal on the kitchen counter, which she has dispatched with a hunting knife “Davy Crockett-style” as the wife likes to call it, it now falls to me to skin and clean the beast in order to prep the meat for the following week’s consumption.

Later that afternoon the girls will practice shooting apples off each others’ heads with the archery bows I have made for them in preparation of ultimately going hunting with their mother, who is in fact on the couch watching football and screaming her love for Aaron Rodgers with feral abandon while cursing Tom Brady as being a “potato booty”… whatever that is.

For my part, at this point in the day, I am usually working on the spaceship that I am putting together from various parts of pre-1970 washing machines. There are those who think this endeavor a little… shall we say… unhinged? But mark my words as I tell you that, when the invasion of the dreadlocked, banana-shaped, tutu wearing, squid beasts from the planet Calamari finally arrive, it will be fortune that favors the prepared!


At the end of the day the four of us gather at the dinner table and play Mousetrap. Not the board game. We actually play with a mousetrap and see who can get the piece of cheese without getting the tip of their finger snapped in a moment of painful frivolity and fun for the whole family.


As night time rolls around I tuck the children into bed and read them a quick story from “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus”… better to prepare them early on for the real insanity they will have to deal with in life I always say. Their little eyes close as they drift off to sleep and I carefully sneak out of the room to the quiet house and ponder doing a little internet surfing before going to bed myself… to do research… no really, its all research.


So, how do you spend your Sundays?