Exercising the Creative Mind

November 26, 2013 at 11:50 pm

creative writingHow I Spend My Sundays (This time while exercising my creativity… just for fun. I’d recommend reading the previous blog entry on the same topic, for reference, prior to reading this one.)

Ah, Sunday. Just saying the word can send a relaxing wave through the body while deep thoughts of the couch, football and fried food or pizza dance like pixies in the landscape of the mind. I do love my Sundays and those aforementioned visions are indeed what burst through my brain like a beer commercial on loop to such an extent that I find myself looking around for the party or BBQ that I am supposed to be attending.

How I Spend My Sundays

November 19, 2013 at 11:47 pm

how I spend my sundaysBeing knee deep in the middle of football season as we currently find ourselves, one might assume that my Sunday ritual involves a special spot on the couch, the television and an unhealthy dose of processed “food” snacks. Honestly, the aforementioned combination is something I relish in spirit but, unfortunately, not in practice, as my Sunday schedule is quite otherwise filled.

The morning is usually spent giving my wife the time to do her workout routine while I take the reins in making breakfast for my girls. If they can penetrate the pre-coffee stupor I tend to find myself in every morning, then they generally convince me to whi

p up pancakes as opposed to the usual breakfast fare. Cartoons and the celebration of the Mickey Mouse shaped pancakes I will have meticulously crafted ensues until my wife returns and the day is planned.